Monday, July 18, 2011

The Anti-Soros

Here's a force for freedom and growth in Eastern Europe -- the Language of Liberty Institute, sponsor of Liberty English Camps:
At each camp, students expand their knowledge of classical liberal ideas, thinkers, and works. They also participate in discussions, debates, and presentations on these topics, providing students many opportunities to practice speaking English. Some camps emphasize the application of classical liberal / libertarian philosophy to starting businesses, which gives students a practical foundation and guidelines for their entrepreneurial instincts. In a workshop setting, students plan a new business, develop budgets and marketing plans, elect officers, and prepare a presentation to the entire group on the final day of camp. At other camps, the workshops focus on preparing a working blueprint for change in their country, emphasizing private, voluntary action to solve local problems such as pollution, unemployment, or poverty. We call these workshops “Kyrgyzstan Vision 2020″ (for example).
How different this is from the way George Soros's organization sells statist snake-oil to nations craving freedom!

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